My Favorite Plane Snack

In my 25 years, I’ve taken hundreds of flights. (Stay tuned for the final count; as a personal project, I’ve been attempting to track every flight I’ve ever taken.) During those flights, I’ve been upgraded to First Class and sat in the bottom-of-the-barrel basic economy seats. Yet, one free plane snack stands out above all others. I’m convinced it’ll forever be my favorite plane snack. 

During a recent trip to Peru, I flew LATAM Airlines for the first time. My brother and I were on LATAM flights a total of 4 times. 

  1. From Lima to Cusco
  2. From Cusco to Lima
  3. From Lima to Iquitos
  4. From Iquitos to Lima 

During each of these flights, they served water, coffee, and tea along with a chocolate Sublime stick (pictured above). 

The stick itself was essentially a mini chocolate bar with peanuts (not allergy-friendly). What I loved most about the stick was its size. It was roughly the width of my index finger and only a couple inches longer. Although I certainly could’ve eaten a full-sized chocolate bar in flight (or several Sublime sticks), it was just enough to give you a taste. 

Best Plane Snacks Criteria 

What makes the Sublime stick such a good snack? Why is it better than the typical complimentary in-flight snacks of pretzels, peanuts, stroopwafel, and Lorna Doone or Biscoff cookies? 

  1. Personal preference: I’m someone who is always hoping for something chocolate when that snack basket gets passed around. Peanuts and Cheez-Its never do it for me. 
  2. Size: Like I said above, I could’ve (and would’ve) eaten a full-sized chocolate bar if it was given to me. It wouldn’t have even been a question. But for that reason, I’m glad that the Sublime stick came in a smaller portion. It was just the right size for a snack and didn’t make me feel like I was overindulging. 
  3. Simplicity: The sublime stick was easier to eat than just about any other plane snack. All you had to do was rip open the wrapper and bit. You never had to touch the stick with your hands (ideal during pandemic times and for a germ-conscious traveler). 

My Second Favorite Plane Snack

Upon ranking this as my top travel snack, I was reminded about another top-tier snack I had in Africa on a British Airways flight from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls. Did I ever expect to see Krispie Kreme donuts across the world? Absolutely not, but there was a little branded box filled with a personal glazed donut. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re flying LATAM airlines next, have a chocolate Sublime stick for me. It’s my favorite plane stick out there! Until then, read up on our Year 7 trip for the rest of the details.