My 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Last year, I published my 2022 New Year’s Resolutions. I did a lot of things in 2022, but I didn’t achieve all of these resolutions. I think that’s okay. Making goals is important to me, but I know that sometimes — when you make goals — you don’t always achieve everything. Something will fall through the cracks, or sometimes your goals will evolve. Something you thought you wanted to do early in the year won’t be something that holds up toward the end of the year. That’s okay. 

With that in mind, I’ve been busy thinking about my goals (big and small) for 2023. Most of these goals relate to my 300 by 30 List. This list will be my guiding force throughout the next four or so years as I think about where I want to go. 

Here are my top 23 goals for the year. 

1. Travel to 100 countries

If you’ve talked to me in the past year, you know that the big goal that I’ve been working toward is traveling to 100 countries. I’m currently at Country 83, and I’m projecting that I’ll reach 100 by the mid to end of June 2023. Here are the countries on the horizon: 

Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Norway, Albania, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Israel, Palestine, Syria (Golan Heights), Jordan, and Egypt

2. Get engaged

It may seem odd to have this on a list of New Year’s Resolutions, but Dan and I have talked about taking the next step in our relationship for a while now. I think 2023 will be the year we do that. I’m a big believer that engagements shouldn’t be a surprise, but proposals should be. So, Dan will take it from here!

3. Go to a Taylor Swift concert

Dan snagged tickets to the July 14 Taylor Swift show in Denver. I couldn’t be more excited. Seeing my favorite artist live is at the tip top of my bucket list!

4. Detox from social media

I had originally intended to detox from social media for just one weekend, but Dan proposed a social media detox for all of January. I’m on board! Although I don’t really feel as though I suffer from comparisons through social media like some, I do think it can have a net negative effect on me. I think it’ll help me feel more engaged day-to-day and waste less time! 

5. See the Northern Lights

A lot of people have the Aurora Borealis on their bucket lists. Count me among them. Dan and I are heading to Tromso, Norway for Valentine’s Day to see hopefully see the Northern Lights. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but we’re excited about the prospect of seeing them. 

6. Watch my best friend get married

My best friend, Hannah, is getting married in April, and I’m so excited to see her take the next step in her relationship. I want to make sure I’m there to support my loved ones when it matters most. 

7. Go on a cruise

This has been a travel-related bucket list item on my horizon for a while. I’ve never been on a cruise before, and while I don’t think it’ll become a consistent form of travel, I do think it’s valuable to have a wide range of experiences and continue to seek those out. 

8. Visit Transylvania

I’m not sure why Transylvania (specifically Bran’s Castle) has been creeping toward the top of my list for so long. However, in the new year, Romania is a country that I’ll visit in the spring, and I’m very excited to finally check this off my list. 

9. Go to Auschwitz

When I studied abroad in 2018, I considered going to Poland, but I really wanted to have longer than a weekend to soak in the historical significance. In just about a week, Dan and I will be visiting Poland (the first time for me) and going to places of real historical significance. One of them is Auschwitz. I’ve had the honor of working with a Holocaust survivor during my career, and it makes this type of trip especially powerful and heartbreaking for me. 

10. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People

It’s on my 300 for 30 List that I want to read 30 books total over the course of the next 4 years. Of course, I hope I read more, but I started with a manageable goal based on the number of books I’ve historically read per year since graduating. How to Win Friends and Influence People is a book my dad gave me years ago for Christmas, and it’s been sitting on my shelf. I thought it deserved a read. 

11. Visit Atlanta

I have quite a few U.S. destinations on my list for the next few years. Atlanta is one of them. Dan and I are passing through on our way back from the cruise, and I’m excited to see somewhere new in my home country. 

12. Increase blog pricing to $100 for 500 words

This is a big goal of mine that I’m hoping to make happen through a switch to Fiverr Pro. I submitted my app after a Fiverr rep reached out to me, and I’m waiting to hear back. 

13. Go to Oktoberfest

I’ve wanted to go to Oktoberfest for about 5 years now. I didn’t study abroad during the right semester in college, and since then, it’s been on my mind to go while I’m still “young” (aka under 30). I feel like at some point the degeneracy won’t be fun. In 2023, I’m hoping to make it happen. 

14. Do a big California trip

I’ve had nearly a dozen California items creep onto my list in recent years. I’m hoping to spend quite a bit of time in the state this fall. Here’s what I have in mind. 

  • Enjoy wine in Napa Valley

This is number one on the list. I’ve been talking up a Napa trip to Dan for probably two years. 

  • Visit Alcatraz

When my family and I visited San Francisco a few years back, tickets to Alcatraz were sold out. I’m hoping to circle back and get this done!

  • Visit the Redwoods

While in the area, I need to check this off as well!

  • Eat at The French Laundry

This is a random restaurant pick that made it onto my list. But it’s all in the same (ish) area — or at least I’m telling myself that. 

  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

One of the prettiest drives in America…add it to the list. 

  • Visit Monterey and Big Sur

More iconic spots in California that I’d love to travel to and work for a week…or two. 

  • Visit Kelseyville

This isn’t officially on my 300 for 30 List, but my brother told me about it being relatively close to San Francisco. So, why not add it to the list?

15. Return to Ireland 

I took a great trip to Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day in 2018. However, I’d love to go back to 2023 and hit some of the spots that I didn’t get to see then. These include the Cliffs of Moher and Galway. I’d also love to stay at a bed and breakfast and get a sweater while in the country. 

On a slightly related note, I’d like to tie in a trip to Belfast (Northern Ireland). Although they’re not the same country, they’re in close proximity to one another, so I think I can knock them out together. 

16. Visit Mexico City

I probably get more recommendations for Mexico City than any other spot in the world. Mexico City is calling my name. I’d like to plan a Mexico trip along with Paricutin (a natural world wonder) and Chichén Itza (a new wonder of the world). 

17. See the remaining two 7 New Wonders of the World 

Speaking of Chichén Itza, it’s one of my two remaining new wonders of the world. I’m hoping to check off Petra in Jordan at some point in June and then Chichén Itza in Mexico soon after. 

18. Save a down payment for a house

My goal on my 300 for 30 List is actually “buy a house,” but I’m not really interested in getting into the market when interest rates on this high. My ideal would be to have a down payment ready to go whenever the market tanks. Dan and I are currently budgeting and saving to have a down payment, so we can act when needed.

19. Go to the dermatologist 

I put quite a few health-related items on my 300 for 30 List because I knew it would galvanize me to go. The dermatologist is a necessary but not necessarily fun item that I need to put on my to-do list. I already have an appointment for March 2023. Boy, do they book out far!

20. Float in the Dead Sea 

This is another common bucket list item, and I think I can make it happen this year. Jake and I are currently planning our Year 8 trip to Israel. 

21. Go to a national park 

I’m hoping to visit 5 more national parks by the time I’m 30. I think making a goal to visit at least one this year is a good start. 

22. Visit Maine

Dan and I (mostly me, if we’re being honest) have been planning some trips for the year we get engaged for a while now. Should that big milestone happen this year, Maine is on the list as well. It all comes back to a song called better with you by Virginia to Vegas. 

23. Support Dan on a big bucket list item of his

I believe in supporting others in their goals just as much as I believe in chasing my own. I’ve tried to keep Dan’s personal interests and career trajectory in mind when setting my goals. We’ve discussed some of his hobbies and the ways he’d like to develop himself throughout the next several years. One big goal of his is running a marathon, and we both love the idea of him running the original marathon from Athens to Marathon in Greece. It’s November 12, 2023, and I want to do whatever I can to get us there (him running, me cheering from the sidelines).

Bonus: Finish a manuscript

I’m coming back to this list a couple days later, and I think another big item on my list is to finish a manuscript for a book idea I’ve had since the summer of 2022. A big item on my 300 to 30 List is to write a book, but I think just having a really rough manuscript is a good goal for this year. I don’t need it to be anything special — just get it done. I’m hoping my New Year’s resolutions can push me to do that.

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