As a practiced writer, editor, and published author, I currently work on daily projects from 500 to 2,500 words and long-term projects exceeding 20,000. I’m quick, effective, and flexible to ensure my work is tailored to your needs.

I offer personalized blog writing and proofreading & editing package for new and existing clients.

Blog writing packages start at $75 for 500 words.

Proofreading and editing packages start at $75 for 1000 words.

Send me a message for additional details on whether I’m a good fit for your project and what my packages include. All payment is through PayPal Goods & Services.

Q: Can I see a sample?

A: Yes! Check out the PORTFOLIO tab for professional samples as well as the BLOG for personal samples of my writing. I’m also happy to discuss specific topics or ideas to determine if I’m a good fit.

Q: Are you fluent in English?

A: Yes, I’m a native English speaker who was born and raised in the United States. I do not currently write in any other language. In the past, I have worked with numerous non-native speakers. Although I do not translate work, I can ensure that your piece not only has proper grammar and spelling but also reflects what a standard English speaker would actually say.

Q: How do you deliver orders?

A: Orders will be delivered in a Word document to the email provided when you order.

Q: How long is the revision period?

A: The revision period is 3 days after the order has been delivered. If you need modifications, you’ll be able to send your order back to me with feedback, and I will revise it free of charge. After the 3-day period ends, the order will be closed. If you anticipate an issue with this, please reach out when you place your order, and we can discuss your situation in detail.

Q: Do you write general website content (About Us, Bios, etc.)?

A: No, at this time, I do not handle website content, which requires a different skill set than blogging. I do, however, edit existing website content. If your website is already up but needs editing, feel free to reach out.

Q: Do you outsource?

A: No, I personally complete all work to ensure quality.

Q: Do you write on all topics?

A: I do not write on all topics, but I do write on a wide variety. Message me with your topic, and I’ll let you know what I can do. My top priority is always quality, so when I turn down a project, it’s often because I don’t feel I can turn out a quality product.

Q: Do you manage blogs or post on websites?

A: No, I am not a blog manager and do not post directly to websites. I provide written work directly to buyers upon delivery. After the order has closed, you are free to use the work as you please.

Q: Do you ghost write, or do I need to put your byline?

A: I prefer to ghostwrite. My work belongs to you upon completion of the order, so feel free to use your name or post it under your admin account.

Q: Can you write my paper or blog assignment for me?

A: No, I don’t take on any academic work for ethical reasons.

Q: What types of work have you edited previously?

A: I have edited all different types of work such as blog posts, short stories, eBooks, recipes, scientific writing, social media posts, website copy, resumes, and cover letters (just to name a few)!

Q: How do you provide edits?

A: I provide tracked edits in a Word document upon delivery. I can also work with buyers who prefer using Google Docs. I must have an editable format of your document to work with you (i.e., PDF is not acceptable). Please message me if you have any additional questions about delivery method.

Q: Do you format documents in addition to proofreading & editing?

A: No, I do not offer any type of formatting as part of my services.

Here is some of the feedback I’ve received from my awesome clients over the past 5 years.

Kelsey is a fantastic writer and researcher. I have come back to her numerous times for different articles

Derek, USA, July 2023

Been using this blog post-writing service for the past 2 years and I can’t recommend this seller enough. Always delivers on time.

Jim, USA, March 2023

Kelsey is a joy to work with. She is not only an excellent writer and researcher but also amazingly fast! She can process a high-quality, interesting, and funny long-form blog post in just a few days – on just about any topic. I would highly recommend working with her on your next writing task. You won’t be disappointed!

Erika, USA, January 2022

Kelsey delivered exactly what I asked and needed and during such a busy time of the year! I will be using her moving forward for ALL of our blog necessities!

Denise, United States, January 2022

Kelsey has a knack for taking vague ideas and turning them into a linguistic feast! Highly recommended!

Joey, United States, December 2021

Another PERFECT delivery from Kelsey – not a single issue. Will continue to use her for more projects down the road.

Andy, United States, December 2021

Wrote a very well-organized and informative article; we love both Kelsey’s writing style and her attitude as a seller.

Lily, United States, December 2021

Very involved in her work, understands the assignment, and always comes through with researched and authentic content. Adds character and charisma to her words. Would recommend.

James, United States, October 2021

Another great article knocked out of the park. Happy to be supporting an American worker who takes her time, does her research, and produces quality content. Thanks so much!

Michael, United States, October 2021

Great work. Concise and appropriate writing with obvious research done and the correct tone.

Ben, United States, September 2021

I have started using Kelsey to write many blog articles for my company. She does a fantastic job. Thanks!

Paul, United States, July 2021

Flabbergasted is the only word I have for the blog Kelsey wrote. I am designing a new app for a product that does not exist, and she did so much research surrounding my idea that the blog is spot on. I sent her a video presentation about my idea, and she even improved my presentation. Kelsey is the absolute top. I bow deeply to her knowledge and skills.

Theo, Netherlands, January 2021

Kelsey did an amazing job on my blog article request! I wasn’t sure how it would go as this was my first time contracting out a ghostwriter. I also was apprehensive because I thought my topic would be very niche and specific (3d printing + baking together). But Kelsey delivered! It was well thought out, well structured, and delivered very promptly! Can’t wait to do more with Kelsey.

Beth, United States, February 2021

Kelsey is reliable and always delivers high-quality work.

Lauren, United States, May 2021

This is my second time with Kelsey, and I have been very pleased both times. Her communication is great! Very timely and great work quality.

Kristin, United States, February 2021

Kelsey did a phenomenal job for me! Outstanding work and attention to detail. I can tell she took her time and did the needed research. Plus, she added some of her own experience to the post. Will be back to work with her more in the future 🙂 Thanks again.

Michael, United States, April 2021

On-time delivery, easy to communicate with, and the work was done with great professionalism. I will be using this service again in the future, thank you!

Jim, United States, January 2021

Kelsey is responsive and attentive to my work. She gives me suggestions on the flow of my story and feedback on areas that I want to improve! Thank you!

Silver, Hong Kong, January 2021

She did a great job with the limited information I provided and wrote an article that we are happy to share!

Chase, United States, December 2020

Kelsey has done about 10 blogs for me in order to improve traffic to my real estate website. She does a GREAT job every time.

Lacey, United States, November 2020

Kelsey has done about 10 blogs for me in order to improve traffic to my real estate website. She does a GREAT job every time.

Lacey, United States, November 2020

Kelsey helped me with editing text for my business, I am very pleased with the quality & timely delivery and will definitely come back. Thank you!

Tiana, United States, November 2020

Very talented writer! So glad I found you! Quick delivery, intuitive, intelligent, and fantastic to work with! We’ll be back again soon!

Michael, United States, September 2020

Kelsey delivered perfectly in time and her proofreading is exceptionally good. She also brought her own ideas and suggestions in, which helped us a lot. We look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Yassin, Germany, August 2020

This is my first interaction with Kelsey, and I am planning to keep working with her as I keep writing new books. Kelsey proofread and edited the book, and she went the extra mile by providing recommendations. Thank you, Kelsey.

Robinson, United States, August 2020

Kelsey is a dream – fast and quality work! Always delivers – to date I have never had to have a piece back for revision. Highly recommend.

Rhi, Australia, August 2020

You freaking rock as per usual. Thank you for helping me have a voice. I stink at writing, and you always pull through for me.

Laurie, United States, July 2020

Dynamic content writer for our first gig with this seller. Well thought through and methodically scripted (based on the details we gave her). If all her writing is like what she just created for us, we will hire her again for all our website pages. Phenomenal service!!!

Dave and Bella, Philippines, June 2020

Kelsey was great to work with. She delivered on time, had good communication, and most importantly, the blog she wrote was high quality but easy to read at the same time.

Miguel, Canada, May 2020

Always a pleasure to work with. Her writing style is easy to understand and consume. All the while getting a definite point across.

Keith, United States, April 2020

A great content writer with loads of experience. Not only is Kelsey fast but extremely professional. I will continue to work with Kelsey.

Oliver, Australia, April 2020

Great working with Kelsey. Understood my vision and executed it. Takes feedback and revisions well. Look forward to working with her again!

Cali, United States, April 2020

This blog post was absolutely perfect! Way beyond what we expected, and we will be using Kelsey again for sure.

Adam, United States, April 2020

I have used Kelsey on several projects now. She is exceptional to say the least and I only go to her now. She does it masterfully on the first try! Stop looking. She’s the real deal. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants amazing quality.

Mohamed, United States, March 2020

Kelsey is the best writer I have worked with. Incredibly reliable and the content she delivers is awesome. Thank you!

Kasia, Poland, February 2020

I have used Kelsey on several projects now. She is exceptional to say the least and I only go to her now. She does it masterfully on the first try! Stop looking. She’s the real deal. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants amazing quality.

Mohamed, United States, March 2020

Kelsey was very nice and attentive to the needs, preserved the style, and helped to improve the article. I’m so happy with the results!

Melany, Russia, January 2020

Fantastic job. Kelsey responded quickly to feedback. She identified where my phrasing was unclear and helped me fix it up. Gave my article the final polish in colloquial American English that I was hoping for.

Nick, Georgia, November 2019

Exactly what I was looking for! I just gave Kelsey a topic and she was able to research the topic and create a fantastic post! Thanks!!

Matt, Canada, October 2019

Perfect rewrite and edit of a wordy blog that I didn’t have time to complete! Kelsey has, by far, exceeded my expectations!

Glen, United States, September 2019

Kelsey did a fabulous job. Great customer service. Went above and beyond. Saved me a ton of time. I will be ordering again. Need I say more? Contact her!!

Monte, United States, August 2019

Kelsey is an amazing writer. She is able to pick up my character, my thoughts, and go deep inside my mind and make the most out of my writing. She is very talented. She will not just adjust sentences, but she makes them very valuable. She goes the extra mile for her clients. This is my 2nd job with her, and she always delivers more than the basic package. This is an amazing person – very pleased to have found her. I really recommend her to everyone. She is very talented.

Giuseppe, United Kingdom, September 2019

This writer always delivers GREAT content. Give her your direction, some info and the feel of your article, and you will not be disappointed. She is easy to communicate with, and she completely understands the project when getting started and creates knockout content when you need it. Every time she nails it and nails it in time each and every time!! Thank you so much and certainly coming back for more again.

Jeff, United States, August 2019

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