Hi! I’m Kelsey Yurek. I’m a freelance writer who found her passion on a whim. I began my foray into freelance writing as a senior at Georgetown University on September 20, 2018. Four days later, I booked my first gig on Fiverr, and I’ve never looked back since. In 2019, I published my first book, Remotely Exceptional: A Playbook for Companies and their Remote Workers, on Amazon.

What started as a side hustle has absolutely transformed my life. While freelancing, I’ve traveled to 75+ countries, stood on the Great Wall of China, swam with dolphins in Zanzibar, visited the DMZ, scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, hid from rhinos in Eswatini (Swaziland), seen the Taj Mahal, and gotten engaged at the Great Pyramid of Giza — all while building my business and serving clients.

If you’d like to hear more about my travels, visit my BLOG where I discuss everything from traveling full-time to working remotely to starting my own freelancing business.

After a year on the North Shore of Oahu, I officially resumed my full-time traveler status in June 2022. In June 2023, I hit a long-sought milestone and visited my 100th country. I still have many adventures on my list, so feel free to follow along wherever you may be.